Why Remastered Games to be So Much Fun?

15 years ago when I got my very first Playstation, there were a lot of wonderful video games that made my childhood excellent. From Resident Evil to Crash Bandicoot to Final Fantasy, all provided me with lasting amazing memories. I will never forget the time when I got all of the gems on Crash Bandicoot games and finally explored all the secret passages, also the zombies from Resident Evil scared out of me.

Along with the success of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, we may hope a lot of developers to open their hearts on remastering video games. For example, there is an upcoming game called Shadow of the Colossus, a very good Playstation 2 game that pushed the limits on what the console games are capable of. Today, with the latest technology, we can hope lots of improvements especially with its graphics. Shadow of Colossus on the Playstation 2 had been wonderful, but I’ve high expectation that this is going to be like that once again.

However, why do developers want to remaster their own games?

Why Remastered Games to be So Much Fun

To be able to play old games on your current console generation will give you the nostalgic feeling about your childhood memories, and allows you to remember why you like that video game so much. The sensation when you still keep in mind hidden rare items or passages, or how to end each level, that why remastered game to be so fun and wonderful! Adding several current parts to those games like online systems, challenges and gaining trophies.

You can find different kinds of remastered game found in this industry today, some are just high definition remastered such as Call of Duty or the God of War trilogy, placing full 1080p resolution with 60 fps. Indeed, some players may not love it because of how they sell the game for the full price. But I’m personally fine with that price.

One kind of remastered game I fully understand are those games that were created from and older engine, re-releasing it once again with present-day graphics engine. For example: Resident Evil, WipeOut, and the newest Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, these are older classic games on Playstation 1 while using the same game mechanic with a graphic upgrade.

For a gamer like me, I mean.. the old gamer… I love this kind of remastered game. It lets me to play through the series once by having a big nostalgic vibe. Several may not love it because they find them aged, but for me, I love playing the remastered series all over again.

Remastered games are getting well-known and the numerous gamers are raising. Although the price of several this games are unpleasant to others, people still tend to be purchasing it in the interest of nostalgia. Only a few games tend to make you feel like a kid again, and not all game titles can last at least 10 years. That’s my reason why remastered games to be so much fun.

I’m glad that I living in an era where anything could be possible now, and I’m wishing to find a lot of perfectly remastered games in the future.