The Nexus 4G with all advantages in it

According to a posting on the Boy Genius Report, Google will soon release a smartphone Nexus 4G is expected to have great abilities, which include: the ability of high-definition video capture, a very large screen, and dual-core processor.

Reportedly, Nexus 4G, the ultra-thin device, will be launched to the market at the time of day of thanksgiving, Boy Genius Report speculates. Because at the time seems right and provide more opportunities. Good for the gadget lovers, and gadget manufacturers. This is in accordance with the following statement: “Thanksgiving would be the ideal time to bring to the market, from the point of view of everybody,” said Ramon Llamas, senior analyst at IDC, TechNewsWorld. “That’s when a whole lot of people trying to get their stuff out.”

But there is a question about the device to be used in the operation of these sophisticated objects. Whether Google will offer the device under its own brand, or will work closely with device makers to create a flagship device the way it is with Motorola. This news is still confusing.

The dual-core CPUs to be used is The dual-core CPUs running at either 1.2GHz or 1.5 GHz. moreover, the possibility of OMAP processors will be 4460 or ultra-low power 28nm processor from Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Krait. in addition, for portable and mobile multimedia applications will use OMAP (Open Multimedia Application Platform) which is the name for a line belong to the system on chip (SoCs) developed by Texas Instruments. The Krait Snapdragon is the next generation mobile processor architecture Qualcomm.

Another news that made ​​the release of Nexus 4G increasingly making more people curious about is the news that this gadget will have 720p high-definition big screen, the 4G LTE radio, video capture and playback 1080p capability, front-facing camera 1MP, and a 5MP camera in the back.

This smartphone will also be running Android 4.0 and has advanced features such as the Android menu-based software instead of hardware button controls.

With completeness, the Nexus 4G is likely to be targeted primarily at developers because “Offers Android in its purest form without any of those fancy user interface, and developers do not want foreign things,” said Llamas. “Everyone is secondary.”

Nexus 4G can be further developed and have varying results. That of course depends on the type of connectivity desired and who makes the device.