Smartwatch for Kids Review

Are you a parent who is always worried about security and questioning the existence of a child? If so, maybe a watch called uWatch Smartwatch for Kids this could be a solution to your worries.
Smartwatch for Kids

Smartwatch for Kids

This Smartwatch for Kids Tracker product is connected with a GPS that can be activated with a SIM card that is already available in the sales package.

This product has the full name of The Smart Tracker uWatch for Kids. Because it is reserved for children aged three years and over, these watches have a small size, but can still be used for teenagers.

In terms of appearance, the watch is made of silicon rubber that is suitable for casual use, such as when the child is playing, a walk to go to school. Like other children’s watches, uWatch GPS Tracker features metal hooks and rectangular model screens.

In addition, on the head of the clock wrapped in a blue glass that shows the appearance of a digital clock.

UWatch Smartwatch for Kids has GPS and communication functions to make it easier for parents to monitor the location of the child’s presence at once to communicate with the child. This clock has a voice monitoring feature that can monitor the sound around the child unnoticed.

In addition, existing phone features can dial two parent numbers and can receive calls from 13 registered phone numbers. While the features of GPS & LBS to determine the location of the child, both indoors and outdoors.

Smartwatch for Kids

Advantages :
– Design is suitable for children
– Can accept phone for various circumstances
– The weight of the clock is light enough
– Has features that are complete enough for a tracker

– For the price of Rp 1 million, the clock display does not match the price
– The hook bolts are too small to make them vulnerable
– Color choices are less varied for children
– Connected apps are not yet available on Google PlayStore and Apple Store so it’s a bit difficult for users
– Battery connector cable and clock is too thin, so risk breaking

So this is little review about Smartwatch for Kids, may be useful for all parents