Small Thing That Causes Pimple In Earlobe

Since the last month of fasting, my skin again really cools. Acne rarely appears, even if it appears even the most common small acne that lasted only a few days. Skincare that I use was nothing changed. Still the same as the skincare that I share in the article “I Stop Doctor Skin, This is the Reason”. Just, fitting the holiday librarian yesterday, I desperate to wear mask kefir from Ina Thomas which fortunately suitable and help to make my acne more rapidly flat. Other than that, I do not try new skincare anymore.

After I thought about it, what is different with my skincare, and why is my skin so much better now than ever? And what changed to just skip exfoliating toner? Finally, I find one reason why my skin can “run”, and rarely arise inflamed acne.

Pimple In Earlobe

Acne, Not Cured

I just remembered that I rarely use cotton or swipe my face with a textured material like cotton, like a cloth or wet tissue. How can I know? Because fitting start holiday yesterday, my skin care does not change at all. But in one night, I was the idea of ​​”Oh yes, can not use exfoliating toner, is already use molecular water times yes, make up dead skin cells”.

Tomorrow morning, in the jaw area there are direct red bumps. And three days later, the bumps instantly become pimple on earlobe.

Then how to clean face first cleanser?

When I clean the face with a first cleanser I never lifted by using cotton. So I usually rinse immediately with water, and washed directly using second cleanser. This technique I’ve done since I know the first cleanser technique. And indeed basically I do not like to lift the rest of the makeup with cotton, because sometimes make a sore face.

Well, not satisfied with the first findings, three days ago I tried to clean the face by using face cleansing brush. When using this tool, I use the entire face, except the jaw area. The result? Two days later acne popping in all parts of the face that I put face cleansing brush earlier.

So, from the results of this experiment I, can be concluded that the friction of something rough-textured on the face can also trigger acne on sensitive skin. Try it, you this week skip first clean the face with cotton or reduce friction-friction on the face cloth. It could be your facial skin gets better