Peek at Honda Freed 2015

Honda Freed is classified as a mini MPV made by Honda’s automotive manufacturer since 2008. Japan, as the country of origin of this car, Freed is used to replace Honda Mobilio. This car began to be marketed in Malaysia on March 21, 2009 in Karawang. Generation to generation, this car always maintain the design. In Honda freed 2015 assembly, still adopting the Honda Jazz platform. Advanced features and also security for consumers is the focus of attention in the development of this variant.

Specifications And Price Honda Freed 2015

Substitution of some exterior on the Honda freed 2015 is very striking can be seen from the front bumper and grille design, and certainly better than the previous generation. Update Honda freed 2015 is done in the rear lights of the car. Passengers will certainly also be pampered with a wide seat. Available luggage space is also wide, it is possible for those of you who carry quite a lot of luggage while traveling. Dynamic design with a stronger dynamic aero dent on the side of the body, stronger than the previous Honda Freed 2015

Honda freed 2015 to add to the anti UV in the glass, which makes a different impression on the front of the steering wheel. Honda made many changes to the performance of the engine. New Honda Freed engine is very different from the previous edition. Honda gives the i-VTEC 1.5 Liter engine, this type of integrated engine technology IMA (Integrated Motor Assist), presents two transmission options, automatic and manual with 5 speed. FWD hybrid models are also available on this freed Honda. also visit:

Other specifications of Honda Freed 2015, AC is used is automatic air conditioning, which has plasma cluter content, so you are more comfortable to drive and suitable for you who live in hot area. In addition to type FWD, WAD type is also offered. Selling price for Honda freed 2015 with hybrid and standard version of $15k to $20k, while for spike version and spike hybride at bandrol with price $15k to $20k (the price is different, for more details can be checked to the nearest Honda dealer in your city)