Natural Ways to Eliminate Acne and Used

Acne is a scourge that often confiscates the minds of many people, especially women. Just imagine when suddenly appearing one or two pimples on the face of an important day like a lover’s birthday, of course quite annoying.

The following will explore the natural way to remove acne and scars, especially in vulnerable body parts such as face, nose, chest, and back. Hopefully this article can eliminate your worries of acne and scars well.

What are the Causes of Acne?

Basically, there are several common causes of acne that can happen in everyone. Here are the points that contain the causes of acne and the explanation in a concise but complete:

Eat foods that are rich in oil or stimulate acne

Too often eat fatty or greasy foods can actually lead to acne on the face. Examples of these foods are fried foods, beans, chocolate, and eggs. If you really like the food, limit the amount in daily consumption. Notice the portion of what will soon grow acne on the skin, then avoid that much portion.

Often taking birth control pills

For mothers, too often taking birth control pills can actually grow acne on the face. Indeed, birth control pills are very useful for delaying pregnancy, but the use of tablets that are less suitable for the body’s metabolism can actually make us less confident later.

To avoid acne, make sure the face is cleaned regularly and drink water as much as possible. Also consult this to your health care professional to get the most suitable birth control pill.

Heredity factor

The name of heredity is difficult to avoid, therefore acne, especially acne stone caused by heredity is quite difficult to prevent.

If you are curious or to make sure to ask the family of mothers or fathers who often suffer from acne in the skin or acne stone. If no one family member is often spotty, less likely to face acne is caused by genetic factors.

It could be your lifestyle is less supportive for acne prevention. Make sure our faces are always cleaned with facial cleanser soap before the move or after the move and eat foods with balanced nutrition.

Psychological factors

You must have often heard that stress conditions trigger acne. This is true because stress inhibits metabolism runs smoothly in the body. To avoid acne because of stress, make sure we always have time to rest on the sidelines of work and do recreation at least once a week. Recreation can be done lightly such as reading novels, watching movies, walking in the park, even cooking that might be your hobby.

Hormone factors

One other factor that can not be avoided is the hormone factor. Hormones in each person is different because of different activities and biological conditions. If indeed we get acne caused by hormones, make sure when it just appears acne is immediately cleaned and treated. This is done so that acne quickly flat and dry and should not leave a stain at all.

Skin too often exposed to sunlight

Sunlight that causes sweaty skin can clog the pores of the face so that the dirt is stuck and eventually turned into acne. Indeed the best step to avoid acne from sunlight is to reduce outdoor activity. Also, bring a tissue or a clean handkerchief in a bag that can be used to wipe the sweat on the face during outdoor activities.

Rarely clean the face

Did you know that cleansing the face is the key and most important to prevent acne? Acne is generally caused by impurities that stick to the skin and one way to remove the dirt is to clean the face regularly.

After the move we may already feel very tired, but do not miss a face washing session with face soap before bed for a cleaner and brighter skin without acne.

Make sure you also bring a small pack of facial cleanser in the bag while on the move (for example in a briefcase) to immediately clean the face when it feels very dirty (greasy and sticky). By applying this simple habit, acne will be difficult to stop by our faces.

Using unmatched cosmetic products

Using unsuitable cosmetic products can also cause acne on the skin. Not all cosmetic products on the market match our skin type so be careful.

In addition, avoid cosmetic products with unreasonable prices (too cheap) on the market because it could be cosmetic products are already mixed with other harmful chemicals. Better to pay a little more expensive right, rather than make the facial skin is at stake?