Mobile Phones: Making The World Smaller

Before the invention of the phone, it was unimaginable that one could ever really speak to somebody even twenty miles off. In the area of now, we can not even bring ourselves to picture what life could be like if we couldn’t talk across seas and continents.

Less than twenty-five years ago a phone was attached to a wall and could move only so far as the phone cord. Nowadays, even in our houses, we are able to talk about the weather and everything else under sunlight from not only the drawing rooms, but also in the kitchen, the toilet, the attic, or any other place you’ll be able to picture. The credit for all this went to the cordless telephone.

There was a time once the automobile telephone was seen as being a major advance. Who would have imagined that there might come a time when you can talk while you were going from 1 spot to another. Yet, despite cordless phones and car phones, we continued to be attached to some — in this case, the home, and the car respectively.

Then the major boom happened! We saw the invention of something which heralded great changes in the manner in which the planet completed its own communication. The age of the mobile telephone had now started. The comparison was great between this era and the era when letters needed to be submitted whenever a message of fantastic importance was involved. Back in the time when the post was the only method to communicate fast, one could not have imagined receiving an instantaneous reaction. Now, however, as mobile phones continue to boss within our lives, the buzzword is instantaneous communication.

We’re the kids of the communication age and can see the growth of newer and newer styles of communicating. Certainly, the many deserving representatives of this global village is your mobile phone. We are no longer tied down by telephone cords. We are in a position to speak with our near and dear ones, our colleagues, and mentors, and whomever else we would like to even while going from one spot to another.

We have passed the days of looking for a pay phone if we would like to make a call. The good old mobile phone is ever ready to create whatever call we want it to!