How To Create Your Life By Design

As a result of The Secret, many men and women know who Bob Doyle is. I recently had the chance to hear Bob Doyle in a meeting with Anthony Treas. What follows is what I heard from this interview.

The majority of the men and women who want to know more about the Law of Attraction are considering attracting wealth in their own lives. Bob points out that it’s crucial to define what wealth means to you. Let’s review a few synonyms — abundance, affluence, fortune, prosperity, accomplishment, achievement. Do some of these apply to you personally? Few of us have the exact same vision for our own lives but what exactly an unambiguous notion. This isn’t to be dismissed lightly. If you can obtain clarity in your head of what is your “true vision for your life” you’ll be miles ahead of others.

The Law of Attraction is the main reason for everything that is happening, has occurred, and will happen in our lives. If you’re living a life which is not what you’d like it to be it is due to your own thoughts. Can you really at a heart level believe in yourself and your right to live the lifespan that you dream about?

Have you ever met a man who is living the lifespan of the dreams? It may have been a host at a restaurant, perhaps a tour guide, or an accountant — you’ll know instantly when you meet them since they radiate joy, they’re an absolute pleasure to be around. Do you see the response here? They are living their “real vision of their life”. They are in vibrational resonance with what they’re attracting. What they’re putting out is what they’re getting in return. Why would anybody not choose to live their life like this?

Back in 1989 Marsha Sinetar wrote a novel entitled “Do What You Love, the Money Will Follow – Discovering Your Right Livelihood” that I definitely recommend to you personally, can it possibly be that simple? ABSOLUTELY!!!

Once you’re living your authentic vision for your life it’s like floating on a raft downstream. You will attract in the Universe all you need effortlessly. Your positive emotions are the essential ingredient in this recipe for a lifetime. If you’re going to listen to your heart and focus on how you are feeling emotionally you will be letting the Law of Attraction to do everything. If you end up in a situation where you are experiencing anger, anxiety, or anxiety you are not supposed to do it — stop! Are there times when we need to do something we do not want to do? Of course but that is not exactly what I’m talking about here I’m asking you to concentrate on identifying your “authentic vision for your life” it might not come to you in an instant but I guarantee you if you try, it is going to become apparent to you.