How Mauch Eggs Should Consume?

Omelet, beef egg, balado egg, egg stew, boiled egg and so forth. Eggs are the preferred food ingredients by most of the world’s citizens.

I’m so happy, there are people who become very often eat eggs. From here, naturally if we ask, how many eggs we can consume without having to endanger health?

“The average person, eating two eggs a day, can still be categorized is okay,” says Keri Gans, R.D., nutritionist and author of The Small Change Diet.

“But there are important rules to keep in mind, we should review the overall diet and see the extent of our saturated fat intake,” Gans said again.

“It’s healthy to eat two eggs a day, but if your other food consists of red meat, cheese, milk and other fatty foods (especially saturated fat), eating two eggs a day is a bad idea, fat and calories, “explains Gans.

Throwing egg yolks and just consuming white alone is also not a good idea. Why?

There are some nutrients in the yolk that you will not find in egg whites, “says Gans.

“All fat soluble vitamins are found in egg yolks, so if you eliminate them, not only do you lose fat, but you also get rid of plenty of nutrients.

The bottom line, according to Gans, is that the number of eggs you can consume really depends on your daily diet. One egg holds about 80 calories, five grams of fat and six grams of protein.

If you already get plenty of protein and fat from other foods, eating three to five eggs a day, is not recommended. But if your diet has more vegetables, adding one or two eggs to your plate is a very good idea.

That is information about How Much Eggs Should Consume.