Fashion Trends 2017 For Women

Hi I’m Stephanie I’m a celebrity stylist and today I’m here to discuss the trends of 2017  okay the first trend I’m going to be talking about are the short dresses.

How many behad sorry sure dresses 2016 maybe the hippie and I feel like the short dresses are going to continue so I’m going to show you a couple of interesting short dresses and first one would be this the stripes are going to be huge the season you Valley stripes these are call the seaside stripes you’re going to see them throughout they’ll be tops they’ll be trousers. there’ll be everything made out of these tribes and it’s from Marks and Spencer instead of just wearing it very normally like you know how shirt dresses are supposed to be worn I open this up I wear a little grungy inside and don’t jeans so you can team it up with sneakers you can do heels with it. You can do a very interesting little accessory you know in in one of your feet I think sure dresses I really think are ok to go at work they are ok to chill in the evening they’re okay also to go out of the evening because I’m going to show you a short dress which works very sexily for an evening apne personality gives up say up look mix career match career at the same time you’re wearing something which is very trendy this is a very interesting mix of a short dress and this can be done very differently you can wear jeans inside again you can wear a gonji you can wear a crop top as you like and you can also do this with a really hot fitted dress inside so this works as a cape this works as a shirt dress it can be done any way that you like we will see the brightest of yellows in 2017 and I’m going to show you one here no matter what skin tone you are you will see shades and shades of yellow

going into lime green so you don’t need to worry if you’re a darker shade you have a way to work out a lighter color yellow you will see fans which you can team up with white if you want to make it slightly more somber if you want to

go evening you can put really like a lot of gold on it if you want to make it very casual you can do of white shirt yellow jeans and white sneakers yellow is something which must be there in your wardrobe in 2017 so the trench coats and

capes are also seen so much in 2016 that I feel that it will still continue to be a big trend in 2017 for these trenches these capes are done in silks they are done in cotton they are done like the wind cheetah fabric so I think there are

so many variations that one can do with a trench and it stays one of my favourite pieces every brand is doing these kind of trenches and capes in every price range that you can imagine from River Island to pull and bear – hmm

– Zara you can go to any of these brands and pick up a trench for yourself it’s very sexy at the same time it’s very elegant depends on how you use it you can look really elegant you can look very classy at the same time you can

look very sensual any guesses okay so this is a person favorite of mine as well I’m here to introduce some lace in your 2017 wardrobe so this is a white lace top which I love this is also top in which I style Pooja hey gray for Goa

Film Festival it was a day event so I did a full white with a see-through inside bikini top if one doesn’t want to go so sexy you can always do a skin color tube you can always do a skin color crop you can do an inner which is

kind of Fleiss nice and light it doesn’t have to be body hugging it can be more covered than a bikini but with white jeans the blue jeans with any kind of ripped jeans especially with duskier skintone I think these kind of tops look

very pretty so if you look at it it’s fully covered it’s a high neck full sleeve top at the same time you see the skin from inside and I think it just creates a lot of magic and you know sexy feel to the whole look so if you want to

do this in the evening or you want to do that in the day both works so least as I just said we’ll have see-through tops we’ll have very interesting bottoms one of the bottoms I’m going to show you is from a brand called j.crew and they have

done beautiful interesting thin pants which don’t make you look really bulky and they’re not like in bright colors so that it doesn’t really bulk up the bottom half and if you see there’s a very beautifully finished edge these

will be fabbed wear casually or these will be phat fab to wear in the evening with a hot-looking top so this is a sexier piece which you should do probably in the evening you want to show some of your assets you

want to show sexy legs there is a high slit here and fitted skull inside it’s like raw so it hugs you very well and it kind of creates a little illusion what how we saw the white top doing that for us so if you’re not very confident that

you know you don’t want to wear something so short you can always do a long skirt in lace and you can do a high slit from the front or not but these these kind of skirts work really well for the evening with a very simple or

maybe with a very fitted top so this will make like an illusion of an entire outfit if you do this in the same color but a black skirt can go with any color  I see a lot of car keys happening in

2017 so since we are in Windows I’m going to start with winters you see these amazing trench coats you know the military-style trench coats they’re going to be very interesting for 2017 winter we will see a lot of this this is

all tweed and this color is going to be very big every designer has found its way of doing you know very utilitarian pieces for women and this is particularly a tweed jacket by Marks and Spencer find interesting buttons and I

think I love kaki I’ve always loved kaki you can also be wearing denim shorts your leggings boots and just put this trench coat on and your outfit just looks much cooler

okay so this is also a very interesting version of the tweed jacket study needs become shorter it’s become cooler and this particularly is for all the girly dresses that we wear and go on you know opteka Judy dress penny or here which

you want to make a dress here for the evening or a girl up collector key you know you’re wearing too simple and outfit for the evening you can put this jacket on kaki is going to be a really big color for 2017 this cut this tie

this length the labels everything works perfectly just to kind of give that little high to your dress in the evenings so this is particularly I feel is an evening sort of a jacket it’s not too warm it’s not too like it’s not too

light either you know you can layer it up nicely and make it work for the evening this is a lighter version of the kaki that we just saw you know from the trench to the lighter jacket now this is the lightest jacket of all this is

particularly if I say this is for places like Bombay choppity Sardinia Thea you know you just want a lightweight jacket probably in the evening yeah maybe up Airport area where you want to take off something or carry something in your

hand yup we’re crafty under 3:30 luckier I think this is a beautiful jacket it’s a wash jacket and if you ask me it this doesn’t even need much of finding for lazy people like me so I don’t really

always iron it and wear it but this is a very cool jacket which works with dresses which works with jeans which works with shots which works with everything but yeah you can’t use it for a colder place so a quick recap what we

Spoke about what the cool shot dresses the bright yellows the really nice capes and trench coats the beautiful sensual laces and the car keys for more subscribe to book my style. Check on my blog about latest fashion 2017 on