Enlarge Business Profits With Social Media Marketing

You as a new entrepreneur will not be directly active in many social media at once. This will be bad. Therefore, choose social media based on:

Size: bigger is better, but not necessarily
Audience: where the majority of the people you are targeting
Content: effective place for videos, pictures / photos, text is not the same

Enlarge Business Profits With Social Media Marketing

Let’s discuss them one by one.

This graph of social media usage in Indonesia from We Are Social:

Most popular social media
Facebook occupies the highest position as social media with the largest number of users, followed by Twitter.

Furthermore, the following graph is a graph of social media usage in Indonesia based on age range (2013):

Indonesian social media demography

Of these 2 graphs, it appears that Facebook is the most superior social media than some other rivals.

Does this mean the best Facebook? Could be … but not necessarily.

Size and age are two main factors in determining social media for marketing purposes. In this case, Facebook and Twitter are superior. But this is still influenced again by your audience and your industry. To further ensure your choice, let’s look at the characteristics of each social media:

Use Facebook if:

You do not want to take a headache.
Almost everyone is on Facebook in various interests and ages. Most likely your target market is also on Facebook.
But because of the huge volume, Facebook has a tight filter. Organically, just less than 1% of people who follow your Page will interact.

Therefore, you will probably rely heavily on advertising.

In addition, the type of content on Facebook is more diverse. There are many options ranging from text, images, videos, and links. If you use Facebook, it’s good you do not focus only on one type.

Lastly. The frequency of content on Facebook is low, but the quality should be high.

Use Twitter if:

Your target market is young.
Like the graph above, Twitter is more popular in the age group 18-35 years. Moreover, it is rare to use Twitter. (But the longer age group will be more evenly)

On the one hand, Indonesian Twitter users are more interested in short and relaxed content. On the other hand, many Twitter users who prefer to link to the website.

So, look back at what you market and what your content is like and using social media monitoring software.

If what you promote can be consumed in 140 letters or can attract other people to visit your website, use Twitter. Because there is no filter, reaching follower on Twitter is easier than Facebook. Therefore, the frequency of content on Twitter should be higher than Facebook.