Coffee Table Trunks

When you need artistic furniture for living room interior, you can use coffee table trunks as a good alternative. This unique piece of furniture is well known for its storage feature and the entire design. The design of this coffee table is in form of trunks or the wooden chest.

Coffee Table Trunks

The perfectly boxy design of the coffee table creates an artistic impression to your living room. By taking advantage of its artistic impression, you can improve the appearance of your living room interior into something aesthetically pleasing. The material used in this coffee table is hard wood. Since it is repurposed from the chest into the coffee table, the furniture will have characteristic of a wooden chest.

Becoming a wooden chest, this coffee table has plenty benefits. The main benefit is the storage space inside it. Of course, you can completely seal the lid and leave the storage space unused. However, taking advantage of its storage space allows you to store any items inside it safely.

Since it is repurposed decoration, you will need to furnish this furniture before it can be placed in your living room interior. In terms of dimension, you can do nothing much about it aside from adding small legs to make it slightly higher. Keep in mind not to alter the chest design when you turn it into a coffee table. Left the hinges, marks, and its other chest characteristic untouched. You can, however, apply protective coating and polish to its surface to improve its durability.

The other thing you need to keep in mind when using this furniture for your living room is the interior theme. You probably wonder what living room interior theme that suitable for this coffee table. Elegant living room interior is the first alternative. This coffee table style is able to improve the elegance impression of the living room. Incorporating it for a luxurious living room is actually not a good idea. Meanwhile, the best candidate for coffee table trunks is rustic living room.