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Is there any science behind vert shock? Yes, it is. This is the teaching innovation of jumping technique. You could understand the basic value of vert shock well when you know the science in behind it. The science technique makes it different from the other programs today; it is based on the slow twitch and fast twitch muscle fibers. In anytime, there are any discussions about the athletic performances, you should look in the terms of the differences of every muscle. This jumping technique is very useful to help you jump higher, so that is why it will make the basketball athletes feel easier to jump. Vert shock program uses the muscle as its technique. Muscle is such an indispensable of athletic performances. Usually, muscle is composed of fibers. The movements are recorded from the muscles contract. There, you can identify for two different types of the muscle fibers. The muscle includes the fibers of slow twitch muscle. This is the important muscles. They are actually smaller than other muscle fibers while it is a very important muscle. It is designed in a way that you can reach the endurance movement. The existence of the movement type including running is this type of fiber is unique and also you can do many things with the use of fiber without adding the fuel to sustain for yourself. It is the reason why you could make such a long distance without any support necessary. You may not easily get fatigue and it is because of the type of muscles. The athletes who are involved such in long distance running like basketball and soccer ball, or volleyball rely on this type of muscle. The second muscle type is fast twitch fibers. This type of fiber muscle is bigger than the slow twitch fiber. You would need this to reach the fastest and strong movements. It is also necessary in vert shock program.

Who does not know with Lionel Andrés Messi was born in Rosario, June 24, 1987, is an Argentine soccer player who has exceptional dribbling specialist. This ability often makes it referred to as the incarnation of the legend “new Diego Maradona”. Until now irreplaceable position at FC Barcelona as the main striker and influential for their team colleagues 1 in reach. Maybe you may never know what made Leo exercise be a football player and once referred to by Arsenal manager Arsen Wenger as a player who did not come from the earth (Alien). Curious exercise what he did? Let’s observe. 1. Not Enough Just Talent Only Lionel Messi Small Since Always Spent Some Time Maybe Just Play Ball To be El Messiah, Lionel Messi is no magic solution in addition to practice more than day to day. Fairly simple way, love the game and routine dribble when you walk or run while jogging. Thus you can train basic – basic dribble you to be more familiar and you unwittingly balance will increase dramatically !. Leo never asked once in the Guardian story. Well already clear guys, not too late to start, try now regularly do exercises like Leo to dribble basic training you but do not damage the goods – goods mother yah hehe 2. How easy Messi pass through Opponent, He Just Needs Space to outwit opponents. How? After receiving a pass from Messi colleagues did not necessarily run rush – rush past the obstacles opponent. Clever way it plays with dribble slowly toward his opponent. This allows the ball is not too far out of reach and not easily captured opponents. Precisely with dribble slowly, your opponent will not be easy to guess what it does to pass the enemy. Lionel Messi is also smart to observe the movement of an opponent space that would steal the ball from him. If you want to be like Lionel Messi, after receiving the pass from your partner slowly dribbles the ball, let your opponent guessing what will happen. Once your opponent knew what was going to take, you then give a boost to the opposite direction to the slope of the opponent agency. provide speed and shock is often done so that your opponent Messi left a few steps behind and run! 3. To Move More Lively and balanced, Apply Focus Exercises Strengthen Looking To Increase Speed Muscles Reflex Foot And Speed To have the skill dribble very deadly as Lionel Messi, you can apply your skills exercises that can support up to the limit you want. You can practice improve stamina routine of cardio with the run jogging and athletic every day, Strengthen leg weakness by means squat or run into obstacles tires and cones, Train your body balance you, train flexibility entity that is used to maneuver when ball, practicing control ball with alternating legs until you can control the ball without position of the ball and ask your friend to help train the timing is right as she turned to fool opponents. 4. Not only Dribble A Very Deadly You are also able Doing Lionel Messi Free Kick The Famous Very Accurate The secret key greatness kicks Lionel Messi in a free kick can not be separated from the former senior earlier. Yes, he is Ronaldinho and Deco. Messi and Ronaldinho and Deco are often practicing free kicks together. In fact, Messi several times challenged both compete for the accuracy of the free-kick shootout. Not only that, Messi also revealed the secret practice free kicks without wearing shoes. Said the player dubbed the Messiah as reported by Marca. “I feel more comfortable kicking the ball without wearing shoes with bare feet.” Once – next time try to do exercises to kick a ball without the use of shoes. In addition, you can also follow the example of what Messi to invite friends – friends you play games free kick accuracy fights you every workout. It is useful to get you in position the right foot when kicking the ball. Of course, you always routine video tutorial free kick widely spread on the internet repeatedly so you really – really understand how to sharpen sharpness you legal kick. If you persevere, it is not likely you can kick accurately match the style of Lionel Messi! 5. Often Print Goal In Difficult Situation Do And Never Named European Player of the Printer Goal, How He Did It? Goal Lionel Messi is indeed very intriguing to anyone who watched the action in every game.Even the class goalkeeper Manuel Never afford it easy to kick a chip typical hers. Instinct and instinct scored its goal was remarkable. You can do it. When dealing with the goalkeeper, you have to know that in scoring goals do not give it a shot power excessive so as to make the ball bounce upwards. Give a kick that is focused on scoring goals is not to give a shock therapy for an opponent with a kick as strong – strong. Focus on the corner – the corner of the goal that can not reach the opponent’s goalie. Use the instinct to read the movement of the opponent’s goalie. You can do the chip when the goalkeeper is too advanced  the net, you can also direct the ball into the corner of the goalkeeper weak hand examples opponent goalkeeper’s left hand. To become a professional football player always bear in mind to exercise discipline and do not give up!

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