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Do you love to build a tent in the middle of the forest? If you do, have you prepare the whole equipment with you? It does not matter how big the tent you will build is, but remember if you want to have the big one, your car’s baggage maybe will not enough to it all. Therefore, you need additional spaces, and it is from hitch mounted cargo carrier. Put it on your car and be the real adventurer is not only a big dream to catch anymore. You can play a big role in your adventure team. The trendsetter of adventure begins with you. You must be known the capacity of this cargo carrier. Make sure you read the detail specification of it and be ready to install it perfectly. Hitch mounted cargo carrier has been designed to face every challenge on the road which will not always easy to handle by every type of car. This cargo carrier has been tested, so you can be confident to use it. The safe gear is available too, so you can relaxing yourself on the probability of the damaging gear. Do you still have something to worry about? Keep calm because the smart locking system will make your luggage keep safe although you pass the hard road. The smart locking system ensures the lid to close and lock. To be the real adventure is not always easy because you have to prepare many things since you need to go for more than a day. The most important aspect to remember is the equipment and all the small things to support your day in a hard area. The adventurer cannot get lost. Adventurer should be struggling in the hard situation like eating everything around him and keep the survival pack with him.

Honda Freed is classified as a mini MPV made by Honda’s automotive manufacturer since 2008. Japan, as the country of origin of this car, Freed is used to replace Honda Mobilio. This car began to be marketed in Malaysia on March 21, 2009 in Karawang. Generation to generation, this car always maintain the design. In Honda freed 2015 assembly, still adopting the Honda Jazz platform. Advanced features and also security for consumers is the focus of attention in the development of this variant. Specifications And Price Honda Freed 2015 Substitution of some exterior on the Honda freed 2015 is very striking can be seen from the front bumper and grille design, and certainly better than the previous generation. Update Honda freed 2015 is done in the rear lights of the car. Passengers will certainly also be pampered with a wide seat. Available luggage space is also wide, it is possible for those of you who carry quite a lot of luggage while traveling. Dynamic design with a stronger dynamic aero dent on the side of the body, stronger than the previous generation. Honda freed 2015 to add to the anti UV in the glass, which makes a different impression on the front of the steering wheel. Honda made many changes to the performance of the engine. New Honda Freed engine is very different from the previous edition. Honda gives the i-VTEC 1.5 Liter engine, this type of integrated engine technology IMA (Integrated Motor Assist), presents two transmission options, automatic and manual with 5 speed. FWD hybrid models are also available on this freed Honda. also read: Other specifications of Honda Freed 2015, AC is used is automatic air conditioning, which has plasma cluter content, so you are more comfortable to drive and suitable for you who live in hot area. In addition to type FWD, WAD type is also offered. Selling price for Honda freed 2015 with hybrid and standard version of $15k to $20k, while for spike version and spike hybride at bandrol with price $15k to $20k (the price is different, for more details can be checked to the nearest Honda dealer in your city)  

The design of the all-new BMW 5 Series has a lightweight construction, high dynamism and optimum efficiency. No less important in this series As its connectivity needed by the customer. BMW Group Corporate Communications Director Seiji Tanaka said the all-new BMW 5 Series BMW brought a step closer to autonomous vehicles, which are equipped with the latest generation of assistance systems of vehicles with various advanced features. BMW M5 2017 “The launch of new vehicles will strengthen the position of BMW as an automotive company leader in the world,” he said in a Test Drive BMW’s all-new BMW 5 Series in Tokyo Bay, Japan, Monday, May 22, 2017. Tanaka explains some assistance features become standard features of the all-new BMW 5 Series to help the user along the drive. Not only in critical condition, the system can be carried assistance to help motorists during traffic jams, heavy traffic and the straight road that shelf. This vehicle is equipped with a stereo that works with a variety of radar and ultrasonic sensors that monitor the situation around. Besides Evasion Aid and Traffic Crossing Warning, there are features such as Lane Change Assistant and Lane Keeping Assistant to the protection of the collision from the side. “The all-new BMW 5 Series went further approaching autonomous vehicle with the expansion of the optional features of the Active Cruise Control (ACC) and Active Cruise Steering. This feature can activate the speed limitation may be selected by pengandara with an adjustment of approximately 15 km / h. “From a static position up to 210km / h, a vehicle to support riders with overseeing the distance from the object, acceleration, braking and driving lanes.” The assistance significantly increases comfort in driving conditions at low speed or in a traffic jam. Then the Auto Start Stop feature can adjust the responses to these conditions and lau traffic so as to provide more comfort throughout the journey. According to Tanaka untukn kinds drove the BMW 530i from zero to 100 km / h in 6.2 seconds with a maximum speed of 250 km / h. As for the 540i, equipped with six-cylinder engine that drove up from zero to 100 km / h in wajtu 5. 1 second. In Japan the price of this type are sold at a base price of 599 million yen, equivalent to USD 700 million.

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Ford Everest engine allows this car to conquer uneven terrain without any problem. This capability is achieved since the engine has been improved. Manufactured by Ford, you can expect that this series is equipped with powerful engine specification. Other than having good performance in off road track, it is also able to carry your family at once. All features included in this SUV are designed to improve the comfort of the passengers. As it goes with most products manufactured by Ford, this series also has aggressive engine. This excellent engine selection is covered in beautiful body. Most of the cars designed for carrying family members have bulky design. In general, this car is highly recommended for those of you who want to bring your family on a trip through uneven terrain. What Ford Everest Engine has to Offer The Ford Everest engine offers many things. Before talking about the powertrain specification, let’s inspect the car from the outside. As mentioned before, the car is designed for carrying passengers and going through difficult track. Therefore, the dimension of this car is bigger than other SUV. The front fascia gives muscular impression as well. The narrow and thick radiator grille of this family SUV creates this impression. When you open the door, you can instantly see the modern design of its cabin. The material used for the interior of this car is outstanding. Other than being capable of making the passengers feel comfortable, the material is also durable as well. When it comes for passengers’ comfort, the automaker already completed the cabin with plenty of features. Due to the big car dimension, the space available inside the cabin is expectedly spacious. The most important think to discuss about this car is Ford Everest engine. In order to carry more passengers and conquering difficult terrain, the car uses turbo-diesel engine. This 3.2-liter engine is equipped with five cylinders. Responsive suspension system is added to give smooth driving through uneven terrain. As for easy handling, it uses six speed levels of automatic transmission system. This series is already available in the market since April 2017. After released at fair price, this model soon gains popularity. It becomes popular not only due to its gorgeous looks, but also due to its performance. Talking about the price, MSRP for this car is around $54,990. This price might be going higher if you select other Ford Everest engine specification. Source

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