Audi A4 Suspension Highlights and Comparisons

Poised to put the energy of the German engineering marvel underneath the charge of the motive force, the 2008 Audi suspension system had shipped the stable handling expected from Audi on the effective V8 engine having a 4.2 Liter displacements and 340 horsepower ate 7000rpm. Options of the 6 speed automatic or perhaps a 6 speed manual to provide more punch behind the accelerator, made involve the upgraded sports updated suspension joyously gone through by the motive force.

The advances from the digitally controlled dynamic suspension within the 2009 Audi A4 promise much more control and confidence in driving over under ideal road conditions. fine tuning from the suspension system where the steering response, engine and transmission operate in symphony to identify alterations in road conditions provides the driver the sensation of complete energy and charge of a fantastically designed machine.

A mix of a variety of configurations for optional adaptive suspension and broadly available all-wheel drive result in the personalization of performance parameters of the baby driver area of the thrill of possessing an Audi A4, in addition to showing the interest to safety the engineers have adjusted in to the suspension system. The suspension adjustment system continues to be made with three different set modes of personalized steering feel and throttle response, Dynamic, Auto and luxury, and that you can combine configurations to suit the profile of the baby driver.

Audi’s Drive Choose feature comprises three preconfigured configurations which adjust the suspension, throttle response, steering and engine and transmission mapping in the push of the mouse. The amount entitled “Comfort” supplies a smooth ride on lengthy outings or higher rough road conditions, “Dynamic” mode features tight and firm handling for cornering, while “Auto” continuously and reactively changes the A4’s configurations with respect to the road conditions and driving style. The motive force can further personalize the suspension configurations with the Multi Media Interface (MMI) menu.

Reviews from the new 2009 Audi A4 suspension system indicate the advances within the headgear adjustable configurations provide a better selection of ride and handling balance, and also the recently changed aspects of the leading axle enables are evidenced by better weight distribution and an optimistic effect on the highway embracing ability from the vehicle when cornering, and particularly in conjunction with rough road surfaces. Marry these technological advances using the standard all wheel drive abilities in wet conditions and it makes sense a effective vehicle that may be personalized quickly towards the driving conditions and vagaries from the user, marketing an strengthening feeling of security total road conditions.

Initial reviews from the efficiency from the 2009 Audi A4 indicate it still fails to deliver of their two nearest rivals, BMW and Mercedes, within the rankings of torque and horsepower distribution at acceleration, however the advances within the suspension system indicate the engineers at Audi are seriously interested in walking up their game. Future releases from the Audi promise to become best using the primary adversaries on every level.