Anime Cosplay User Reviewing ‘Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization’ Game

Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization is based on the popular light novel series by Reki Kawahara and anime adaptation of the same name. The story sets in the near future, and VR has developed to the stage where you wear Virtual Reality headset, and are completely immersed in a game world, experiencing all the sounds, smells, sights, textures, and tastes that world provides. In short, it looks like the Matrix.

However, the first VRMMORPG called Sword Art Online, along with its launch to the first 10,000 pre-orderers, it was hijacked and gamers were held hostage in that deadly game, with penalty for dying in the game or remove the headset before they finish the game, they will die in real life for sure.

In Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization, it has been a long time since that virtual world was saved by Kirito, our protagonist in the series. The brand new non-lethal VR headsets have been released, and a new game called Sword Art Online: Origins has been released for a public beta. A great number of the assets have been completely reused from the original Sword Art Online game.

Anime Cosplay User Reviewing 'Sword Art Online Hollow Realization' Game

NPC in a Pinch

Without the need of giving anything series away, an early objective in this game is to determine why you have stumbled upon a bugged-out NPC, and why the brand new game has several odd, darker rules concerning NPCs themselves. Hollow Realization tries to get you to care about AI characters, almost in an Ex Machina kin of way. Even after several hours with this character, I can’t find myself caring all that much, maybe I just lack that empathy. However, this is a unique concept, and most of the characters on game are going to grow on you in the long run.

Sword Art Online fans will discover a lot to enjoy in Hollow Realization. There is a lot of story content here, it is probably enough to fill up a light novel volumes. All cut-scenes are truly voiced, which will allow you to sell immersion. It’s a vital point, since the cut-scenes themselves are typically of the even more static variety. You can see a few avatars of whichever character are communicating, and most battle takes place off-screen, leaving you with sound clips and sometimes a screen color flash to point when something goes down. It seems like lazy story telling, but on the other hand for those who have a halfway outstanding imagination then it will almost sense that you are reading to its light novel series, along with audio. Still, the degree of animation here is a little disappointing.

Consistent Story

A huge concern that may some of you boring is the game’s pacing. Several JRPGs have slow-moving stories, taking over 20 or more hours to really discover the meat of the story at hand. Hollow Realization seems like forever to go anywhere along with the story.  This does provide each character to turn into fully-realized, and before long you sense like you know most of the behaviors and detailed aspect between them. Even the side quests include the cut-scenes, according to Anime Bibly that will span 5 to 15 minutes, but they tend to be impressively fully voiced, which makes an impact given the static nature cut-scenes.

One of several poorest part of Hollow Realization‘s presentation is the graphics. The surroundings are so extremely plain looking, it could be complicated to tell this game beyond some other RPGs. Monsters litter every single area, and battle takes place in real-time. Due to the fact textures and surroundings are lower in texture, the game can at least run at a constantly high frame rate through most combat. Strangely, as soon as you’re in the game’s main city hub, the frame rate dips greatly. This can be due to the number of NPCs walking around across the area, and the numerous connections you might have with them.

Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization is about being a real-life MMO. Don’t be surprised to be bombarded by friend requests because you help people out. You can actually date other characters, even people with the same gender, that is a shockingly sophisicated feature. Developing relationships with other characters comprises going on walks with each other, and speaking with them at noticeable spots. This brings about a minigame show up, whereby your date will ask you a couple of questions, or maybe just express some opinion or thought they’ve got. By nodding yes or no properly, you can improve that character’s affection toward you. It’s also possible to move in closer to your lover, and press square when encouraged to do ever-more-daring moves like touching their waist, holding hands, poking their cheek, and lastly, kissing. Very interesting game, right?