Alternative Commands Drone Parrot Bebop

Alternative Commands Drone Parrot Bebop

Although the drone is easily maneuverable using its smartphone or tablet, the best use is with the Skycontroller, available when purchased with Bebop Drone in a bundle set at 899 Euro. First of all, thanks to the 4 antennas, Skycontroller is able to significantly increase the range that can cover the drone in terms of distance (2 km declared, versus 250 meters made possible by the use of the smartphone), as well as allowing more maneuverability precise.

Final comment

Ultimately, Parrot Bebop Drone has been fully satisfied with the ease of maneuverability of everyone, even the less experienced ones (although we recommend using them at the age of 14), and the ability to shoot really high quality movies harga iphone, Allowing you to mount absolutely evocative videos. The price, equal to 499 Euros for the base version (excluding Skycontroller, sold in the bundle at 899 Euros), is certainly not within reach, but fully reflects the quality guaranteed by this quadricopter, especially when compared to Products of lower bands.

Another factor we particularly appreciated the Bebop Drone is navigation navigation it is possible to change the speed (in meters per second), the speed of rotation and more, based on the user’s experience that makes use of it . Here’s a sample video we’ve made.

The pictures are finally processed digitally by the processor that the quad-bike mounts, the Parrot P7 Dual Core. The Parrot Bebop Drone features an 8 GB flash memory, more than enough to record ten minutes of movies and Take numerous photos without worrying about the depletion of storage availability. Once you’ve shot, there are two possibilities the first is to transfer movies and photos directly to your smartphone or tablet. Alternatively, you can connect the Bebop Drone directly to your PC using the USB cable included in the package. As far as Windows PCs are concerned, device recognition is almost instantaneous, as is the transfer of the material. This is a different situation for Mac owners, who are not natively recognizing the device in this case, you will need to download an application for transfer from Android devices or the like.

Same situation for the videos, which can be shot reaching Full HD resolution at 1080p, with a full color rendering good. However, we did quite enough to nose the immediate media management we noticed a few slowdowns within the Vodafone Smart Prime Gallery despite the goodness of the processor that mounts.