A Secure Breastfeeding Mothers Diet

Many of the women who can’t wait to lose weight after childbirth. But at that time, a woman takes a lot of energy to breastfeed her baby new born.

During breastfeeding, healthy and balanced diet is becoming very important. Food nursing mothers shall consist of foods rich in carbohydrates such as rice, a variety of vegetables and fruit, as well as the food protein and dairy products.

The recommended food

Several types of foods that are recommended, among other things:

  • Fruits. At least on a nursing mother’s diet there is consumption of fruit or juice twice a day. Orange is a great source of vitamin C that can supply energy or Blueberry fruit types that contain many vitamins and minerals.
  • Nuts and seeds. Especially select dark like beans, as a source of vegetable protein and iron-rich.
  • Brown rice. This kind of rice can provide the calories your body needs, as well as supporting the production of BREAST MILK and a good quality.
  • Low-fat dairy products. For example, yogurt, cheese and milk. Milk contains protein, calcium, B vitamins and vitamin D is important for bone growth of the baby. With drink milk at least 600 cc per day, calcium needs you and your baby will would be sure.
  • Meat without fat. The content of iron, protein and vitamin B12 in them can meet the energy required mothers during breastfeeding.
  • Salmon. Rich fat content of DHA are very important for the growth of the baby’s nervous system, as well as a good source of energy for the mother.
  • Egg. As one source of protein that is easily found. You can boil, FRY, mixing in a salad or make scrambled eggs to your menu.
  • Whole wheat bread or cereals from whole-grains. Content of folic acid is an important nutrient for the needs of the production of breast milk. This product is also high in fiber and iron.
  • Green vegetables. Vitamin A, vitamin C, iron and calcium in it is very good for infants and nursing mothers. In addition, green vegetables are also rich in antioxidants and low in calories which is very good for the heart.

Calorie Needs

In General, nursing mothers need more calories per day, i.e. an additional about 400-500 calories than women who are not breastfeeding. Other things to note is that every woman has different calorie needs based on the following points:

  • Weight
  • Body metabolism
  • The frequency of a baby suckle
  • Intensity sports

In addition to count calories, nursing mothers can make sense of lhungry as a hint how much food intake is needed.

That is not less important for nursing mothers is to maintain the body’s fluid needs are met. The fluid can also be obtained from milk or juice. However, to drink caffeinated coffee or tea, such as a limit of about 2-3 cup per day.

How much Weight could be Lowered?

Nursing mothers may lose excess weight gained during pregnancy. The decline of around 0.5-1 kg per week belongs to secure against the production of breast milk (BREAST MILK).

A combination of healthy eating patterns with moderate exercise, can lose weight mother breastfeed average 0.5 kg per week. The second thing is more effective than low-calorie diet while in lactation. You can increase the intensity of sports especially 6-8 weeks after giving birth. With these methods, you can lose weight gradually within a year and it’s much safer for breastfeeding Moms. Due to a decrease in the amount of calorie intake and weight loss suddenly feared will have an impact to the production of breast milk.

Pay attention to the proper time to start a diet is also important. Program for weight loss for breastfeeding mothers should start after a two-month-old baby to avoid a shortage of energy and production of breast milk. If the mother experienced excess weight or obesity, consult a doctor about the possibility of time start the weight loss process faster.

We recommend that you avoid diet nursing mothers that slashed many calories or make weight down dramatically, because it can affect the production of breast milk. Apply patterns of healthy eating and regular exercise. If necessary, consultation with a doctor for a diet that you should do while breastfeeding.