8 Ball Pool Players Appear to Like Clothing with Billiards Pictures and Phrases

Billiard clothing is guaranteed to be located at any significant pool championship or billiards trade series. You will find lots of tops with pool and billiards images and expressions. Hats and visors are also fairly popular items. Coats and jackets with some pretty cool pics and phrases will be found at these events as well.

I picked up a number of my first billiard clothing in Las Vegas (BCA Tournament) back in the early 90’s. I bought one five-dollar raffle ticket and won a $300 shopping spree for billiards clothes. This was pretty cool because one of my buddies had bought 4 five dollar tickets and I said it only takes you and sure enough I won the raffle.

The next year my girlfriend at the time, purchased one ticket from the exact vendors while I was shooting pool in a singles match. Sure enough, we won again. (What are the chances of that?  We picked out some trendy jackets on this one and put them on so we did not have to take them around.

We moved to the dining table where my buddy was playing a match and he appeared and asked, What’s up with the jackets? He then said you didn’t win that thing again Jack? He then proceeded to pull about 10 tickets from the pocket, throw them onto the floor and stomp on them.

Winning both of these raffles back to back was cool. I had tops, jackets, hats and a couple of misc. billiards accessories.

I buy a couple of shirts in Vegas each year. They have the entire year of the championship, they say that the tournament was in the Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas and they say North American 8 Ball championship. I am wearing one right now as I type this article.

The other common areas to find billiard clothing is in Billiards magazines like Inside Pool or Billiards Digest. You will also find quite a selection on eBay if you search billiards. Sort billiards clothing into Google and you’ll find many things too.

If you play billiards in your local leagues, then you may want to ask the tavern owner who urges your staff about getting coats or shirts or both. I’ve 4 jackets which I won from the APA tournaments in our area and one coat that was awarded to me by the owner of the swimming pool room where we play a match.

I have more shirts from the numerous leagues that I have played in that I could count. If you’re way into the game as I am, it may be cool to wear clothes that Say’s so. A word of caution, however. If you are looking to play for some cash, acquiring a shirt on this talks about an 8 ball championship can kill your own action.

Post your questions, comments, and tales below about you and your billiard clothing.